Rockingham RV are specialists in Weight/GVM Upgrades to increase the Carrying Capacity of your Caravan.

Is your van rated for the amount of weight you carry?

Overloading can get you a nasty fine or, even worse, create a dangerous situation on the road.

Call us today – 9528 11561 or send us a message to talk about upgrading

Weight GVM Upgrades

Ensure your safety and avoid a fine with our GVM Upgrade Package, normally only $350 and it includes all of this:

  • New VIN Plate to the Van
  • Wheel Bearing & Brake Check
  • Safety Check
  • Suspension and Lighting Check
  • Electrics Check
  • Gas Check
  • Pre-Pits Inspection
  • We then take it over the pits for you
  • Upgrade Papers
  • Ball Weight Check


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