Paintseal’s Gen-3 offers the best caravan protection on the market!

Owning a motorhome or caravan can be a real pleasure but maintaining that new glossy looking appearance and keeping it clean can be a big challenge, especially in our harsh Australian environment.

With everyday use, the exterior and interior are exposed to the harsh elements, spills and chemicals.

For the exterior these elements are generally road grime, traffic fumes, salt water, black streaks, UV and much more.

Paintseal Gen-3 Protective Coating BenefitsCleaning can be time consuming as dirt and grime become embedded into the paint surface. You may find yourselves spending hours scrubbing and having to use polish to remove the grime within your paint surface.

BUT, with Paintseal Protective Coatings, all this is a thing of the past!

With Paintseal Australia’s products, you cut down the cleaning time by up to 90%, you cut the frequency of cleaning and you’ll find the need for polishing becomes redundant.

Many polishes contain slight cutting agents to remove the dirt and grime from within the paint surface and these products, used over time, can lead to a flat and dull appearance.

This reduces the re-sale value when you come to sell your caravan or motorhome.

Gen-3 protective coating will help protect the high gloss appearance while it’s cutting the cleaning time.

Why choose Paintseal for Your Caravan Protection?

  • We are approved by 17 vehicle OEMs
  • We have a full Boeing Aviation D6-17487 approval
  • Renault F1 apply to their F1 vehicles
  • Applied on the factory line to the world’s fastest car the Koenigsegg
  • Applied to over 35,000 caravans and motorhomes!
  • Over 20 years of experience around the world
  • We are different to others!

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