Lithium Battery Systems allow you to do a lot of free camping and allow you to manage your battery system with ease.

We are the first repair centre to install a Lithium Battery System into a mobile coffee van that operates 3 fridges, 2 coffee machines and 2 blenders on a daily basis without using old-style fuel cells (no noisy generator – have a coffee in peace).

There are many variables and aspects of Lithium and we always ask our customers to sit and talk with us to be able to understand their needs and create the best system for each van.

We specialise in the installation of various panels, both fixed and portable, which can be adapted to many types of Lithium and Standard Regulators, which accommodate and talk to variable battery systems and sizes including Lithium (Enerdrive, BM Pro, Victron and many more).

The correct size and type of battery, solar regulator (MPPT) plus the correct panels and inverter (if required) is of the utmost importance!

Make sure you talk to us first to avoid any nasty surprises as we’ve seen it all.

Lithium Battery SystemsLithium keeps you powered longer and optimises your battery life. It also allows you to couple with large inverter systems which backs up your 240V supply.

Rockingham RV are Evo-Lithium Specialists, along with Victron Inverter Systems and have been installing these systems for 4 years. We understand exactly what your requirements will be and can install the entire system in caravans, boats or any other trailer.

Click here for Solar Power Systems.

Here’s a video from Ken Johnston, the inventor of EVOlithium which is a hand-made pillow top lithium battery that is built for longevity and has a number of unique features and benefits:

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