Caravan Service and Maintenance is something we do every day at Rockingham RV Centre.

A safe caravan gives you peace of mind when travelling because even if you’re a great driver, you don’t want your caravan creating a dangerous situation because of worn parts or faults.

We do many, many types of service and maintenance including:


We can do Door Repairs to trilock doors in variable brands such as Camec, ATRV, Hume.

We also fit Security Screens, Additional Locks, Flyscreens, Additional Locks etc.


We repair windows from glass through to trims, wow boxes, winder bars, winder handles, window locks, flyscreens, frames and complete windows.


We can repair door locks by replacing barrels and all componentry that makes up a door lock system.

Brands include MTM, Camec, ATRV, Hume, Trimatic and Panorama 1 & 2.


We repair seals and fix water leaks on all brands of caravans from moldings to windows, hatches, doors, boots, roofs, picnic tables and any other required areas.

Caravan Wheel Bearing Service

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